About Us

Back Woods Trading Company

Born in the back woods of the Midwest, the Back Woods Trading Company is an outdoor lifestyle brand that represents everything that is great about the outdoors and spending time in the woods. We are an ecommerce retailer for all likeminded people that find their joy, solitude, and happiness spending time outdoors and in the woods. Our goal is to provide our customers with everyday apparel and gear that is made with quality products, simple unique designs, and focused on comfort and performance. Not only do we want to provide our customers with a way to represent what they love to do, we also want to represent ethical hunting practices and land conservation.

We design and brand apparel and gear that has simple unique designs and is focused on comfort and quality. We believe that the person who enjoys spending time hunting, fishing, hiking, foraging for mushrooms, camping, or cooking over an open fire should have apparel and gear that represents exactly what they enjoy doing.